Whiplash even at low velocity can do a number on your body; neck, back, and even shoulders. If left untreated, it can lead to pain that may last for years.  With the damage to the car, the stress of what to do next, you should not have debilitating painon top of that.

All doctors are taught what happens during the whiplash of the auto accident. They were shown the bio mechanics of the neck and back and the structures affected. However, the skills treating the whiplash injuries vary greatly from clinic to clinic. Not all doctors are trained properly when it comes to the intrinsic muscles in the neck (tiny muscles connecting each vertebra) or the ligaments beneath them that are the most damaged and are the actual cause of the pain.

At Functional Chiropractic and Laser we are thoroughly trained to treat these structures deep within the spine. Take a look at the picture below, the first shows the posterior (backside) muscle groups of the neck and the next shows the anterior (front) intrinsic muscle and ligaments that easily are damaged during the collision. If these structures are not treated properly and immediately after the accident, you have  very high chance of not only chronic pain but the damage has been shown in study after study that it will also age the spine and start the degeneration process well before it was suppose to.

With the skills we were taught from Active Release Technique and using Laser Therapy treatments we were able to help them plus dozens of other accident victims over the years. Don’t let this one incident affect you the rest of your life. Give us a call and find out your options now

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