About Functional Chiropractic and Laser

Functional Chiropractic and Laser is a state of the art clinic with a goal of alleviating pain and improving our patient’s overall quality of life. Located in downtown Shakopee, MN, we integrate chiropractic care with Active Release Techniques (ART)® and an Laser Therapy (class II and class IV). In addition to back, neck, shoulder and knee pain, hand numbness and headaches, we also treat sports-related injuries, auto accidents, and basic work related (repetitive stress) problems

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Meet Our Team

Dr. Dustin Campion

Dr. Dustin Campion

Owner / Chiropractor

From construction to Chiropractic, here is how Dr. Campion became a chiropractor in Shakopee, MN.

Dr. Campion was a high school athlete and was injured at age 15. After a football injury and never having a headache before in his life, he started having them constantly and can sympathize with anyone who deals with them for years at a time. Exhausting all treatments and getting no results his father brought him to a chiropractor. One treatment, he had no more headaches. After high school he worked in the construction business for a better part of 12 years. From carpentry to concrete he’s nearly done it all and had the pain to show for it. He said the worst thing any patient can say, “maybe it will go away on its own.” Chiropractic gave him his mobility back and brought back activities that he couldn’t enjoy anymore.

Dr. Campion graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN with a doctorate in Chiropractic and a bachelor of science degree in human biology. He has held internship positions at five separate highly successful chiropractic offices. Beyond Northwestern, Dr. Campion has found that his passion lies in Active Release Technique® (ART) and the functional model of health care. Discovering this about halfway through school, he spent the next few years taking the required seminars to become a full body and nerve entrapment certified ART® provider. Dr. Campion took the next step as quick as he could and was privileged enough to do an internship in New Bern, NC with one of the most experienced and well respected ART® instructors in the country. In addition to using the effective treatments that ART® provides, he also works with what is known as a cold laser. The laser is a state of the art device that promotes rapid growth and healing. With the two techniques and the adjustments, Dr. Campion is able to get his patients pain free and functioning better in a fraction of the time.

Dr. Campion spends most of his time with his amazing wife Rhonda who blessed them in January of 2013 with their son and his daughter in Feb of 2016. Now that they have moved back to Minnesota he looks forward to helping people get their lives back pain free and able to do what they love. Dr. Campion is also on the Shakopee Fire Dept. dedicating his free time to the community he lives in.