For those who do not like the “crack”, we have taken special training in the use of this special tool called the Arthrostim. It’s a specialized hand held instrument that begins to gently and safely correct and adjust the spine. The tool works by taking the amount of force that Dr. Campion might use in a traditional adjustment, and divides that force into smaller chunks that are delivered in a short time to a specific area. It basically mimics a traditional adjustment, but does so more gently and without the “crack” that you would normally hear.

The arthrostim allows us to maintain the effectiveness of your adjustment while reducing the amount of force that is applied and providing a gentler experience. This dynamic combination allows us to manage a wider range of conditions comfortably.

Individuals that may especially benefit from the use of the arthrostim include:

Infants and young children
Individuals in acute pain
Particularly sensitive individuals
Individuals who dislike being ‘cracked’
Elderly individuals

Even individuals who are large and stronger (and may be difficult to adjust with a single thrust) can benefit from use of the arthrostim. Dr. Campion may use the arthrostim by itself, or in combination with other adjusting methods, depending on the approach he feels is best for your specific case.