Auto Accidents

Auto Accident

An Auto Accident Can Change Your Life Forever. Accidents can put people in chronic pain and we will do what it takes to prevent that from happening to you.  We don’t want an unavoidable accident affecting you the rest of your life!

When your body experiences trauma it immediately lays down scar tissue in order to heal. If the scar tissue isn’t broken up properly, it can lead to lifelong, and sometimes, debilitating pain. In an accident, whether it is high or low impact (both are proven to cause bodily damage), the deep muscles, tendons, and ligaments are torn, sprained, strained, and damaged. Our body will immediately bring up inflammation to the area and lay down scar tissue in order to heal and prevent any further damage.

At Functional Chiropractic and Laser we understand not only what causes scar tissue but also how to break it up quickly and efficiently with Laser Therapy and Active Release Technique (ART).

Chiropractic should be the choice of treatment after an auto accident. A chiropractor’s first job is to break up the immature scar tissue that is being laid down after the accident. At Functional Chiropractic and Laser we use traditional and advanced chiropractic techniques in addition to Laser Therapy and Active Release Therapy in order to reduce inflammation and scar tissue which will result in a faster recovery time. These services are covered 100% by your insurance, making your care stress free. Some people are unable to move because of an accident or unable to get to the office with their life turned upside down. Our clinic does offer in-home treatments upon request.

TRAUMA turns to INFLAMMATION which leads to a build up of SCAR tissue which promotes PAIN.